Cute Cat Jewelry Set - Ring - Ear Rings - Necklace

  •  CJZBLXLX01710-S925 Frosted Earrings with box

  •  CJZBLXLX01710-S925 Frosted with box Ring

  • this two products's Minimum Ordering Quantity is 30 PCS

Material silver

Purity 30% silver (white copper plated platinum)






Pendant: 0.6*2 Chain length: 18 inch box chain Thick 0.8mm    

[weight] Approx. 3.5 g (all products are measured by hand, actual product specifications may have slight errors in weight, whichever is the actual product)    

[Material] S925 silver (marked "S925 sterling silver" products that guarantee a silver content of 92.5% or more, support testing