Angel wings necklace

Dimensions: OD 2 cm Height 2.5 cm Feather length 3.3 cm Width 1.1 cm
Function: Perfume diffuser necklace or piano sound pearl necklace for pregnant women.

Inside it can be placed: 1. Cotton ball, lava stone.

When you use it, you can add your own perfume or essential oils. This kind of jewelry not only looks good but also gives off a quiet fragrance. It is the first choice for the majority of women who love beauty.

               2. Qinyin beads

Qinyin bead: It is named because it can make a crisp and sweet sound. Suitable for prenatal education and early education, so it is especially favored by pregnant women.

               3 luminous beads

You can put a luminous bead in the hollowed out cage, so that you can shine in the evening when you travel, especially charming, especially in the various disco dances. At the same time, it is safer to travel at night. Suitable for all people.